Meghan Trapp

Meghan Trapp
Senior Vice President

When Meghan worked for Delta Airlines in college, a Special Olympics athlete lost his luggage while traveling. In his suitcase were the skates he needed for the next day’s competition. Once the bag was found, Meghan tossed it in the trunk of her car and drove it to Lincoln.

“I just wanted to do the right thing,” Meghan says. “I’m sure he was worried about it all day. Hopefully, this extra step turned a negative experience into an extraordinary one.”

It’s this exact for-others approach Meghan has that drives the work she does as Senior Vice President at Hurrdat Marketing.

As Senior Vice President, Meghan oversees the people, processes, and growth of the marketing agency. And she does just about everything—working with business development to create new streams of revenue, making sure teams are well-trained, creating new service offerings, assisting account management and project management, and ensuring clients are satisfied with the work they receive.

“I love working in an agency where we get to wear a lot of hats and try our hands at lots of new things,” Meghan says.

She also worked to build Local Search Fuel, a local SEO solution for small businesses, putting the agency at the forefront of the value delivered to clients. “It’s unmatched,” she says. “Efficient and affordable. We developed a service where our clients get service from the same team of experts at an affordable price. And we can stand by that product and know we’re building business and delivering value to our clients.”

In her role, her goal is to see clients’ businesses grow, meet their goals, and be successful with Hurrdat’s help. Of course, she also has to make sure the agency has clarity in the direction they’re growing. “It’s creating and casting a vision, so we’re all pushing the boulder in the same direction,” she explains.

Meghan’s interest in business sparked during Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) in high school. For her DECA project senior year, she developed a line of school gear. “The hands-on coaching really taught me about launching and growing a business,” she says. “And I knew I wasn’t going to be a fashion designer because I enjoyed the business side more.”

After college, she knew she wanted to do something for an enterprise-level or larger business. She ended up in Abercrombie & Fitch’s corporate office, where she led production for the Hollister brand’s dress lines and helped in managing and planning multiple seasonal lines.

“How do you take a commodity and market it into a desired product?” Meghan asks. “That’s where I learned that marketing is more than just a TV commercial or a print ad. You can take a $10 pair of jeans and turn them into something people desire.”

As Meghan realized she wanted to be more involved in marketing rather than merchandising and production, she transitioned to RevLocal. At the time she started, it was a young company with around 20 employees. By the time she left, it had over 200. Meghan developed and led a team of 50+ digital strategists at RevLocal, where she oversaw the launch of a review marketing product and developed both strategic and enterprise partnership programs.

Throughout her career, Meghan has changed roles and paths a few times. Fortunately, she received some amazing advice that has helped guide her.

“Don’t remove yourself from the table,” she says. “Being a young professional, a woman, a minority…it’s easy to tell yourself, ‘Sit back and listen and learn.’ It’s okay to acknowledge you still have a lot to learn, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up and bring your ideas to the table.”

Eventually, her career led her back to her home state of Nebraska. She wanted a place where she could advance her career and grow, personally and professionally. After talking with Bill Hipsher, President of Hurrdat, about opportunities with his marketing agency, she sold her house and moved two weeks later.

During her time at Hurrdat, she has helped the agency grow into what it is today, and it all comes full circle to her core value. She seeks to build a team that feels cared for and has grown in their careers both personally and professionally. Because, in Meghan’s mind, if you want to elevate your company, you have to invest in others to make your team stronger.

“We should all be investing in each other so we can be successful,” she says.