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The Challenge

Starting from scratch, Hurrdat wanted to ensure Hurrdat Sports Bar had a strong opening and continuous business by increasing local awareness and promoting in-house events.

The Solution

To help Hurrdat Sports Bar drive early business and grow local awareness, a strong website backed by local search optimization was essential.

Website Design & Optimization

We created an engaging restaurant website that worked alongside Hurrdat Sports Bar’s Google Business listing on both desktop and mobile to boost the restaurant’s local search performance and provide seamless user experiences.

For a restaurant like Hurrdat Sports Bar, their website needed to prioritize strong visuals that showed off their food and space, clear CTAs, and strategically built and optimized pages to rank for important search terms.

Local Search Optimization

To make it easier for customers to find Hurrdat Sports Bar online, we created and optimized the restaurant’s online business listings across hundreds of local search directories.

Then, we shifted our focus to the most impactful local search directory—Google. We wanted our Google Business Profile to engage users and allow interested customers to convert right from the listing.

HVC homepage screenshot

Conversion-focused design: We made sure the menu, online ordering, and reservations pages were all accessible through the homepage.

HVC Pizza menu page screenshot

We built out specialized pages for some of the restaurant’s menu offerings to increase the chances that Hurrdat Sports Bar would be found by people searching for those popular food items. We also made sure the Order Online, Reservations, and Call Now options were still accessible even as the user scrolls down the page.

HVC mobile reservation page screenshot

Because most restaurants receive the majority of their traffic from mobile devices—and with Google switching to a Mobile-First Index—we knew the Hurrdat Sports Bar website had to function well for both mobile and desktop users.

Hail Varsity Club menu screenshot

We followed industry-specific best practices, including building an online menu for Hurrdat Sports Bar instead of relying on a PDF attachment.

Hail Varsity Club website screenshot of reviews section

We understood that the earlier Hurrdat Sports Bar could earn and use customer reviews, the better. We included high-quality reviews on the website to build both the consumer’s and Google’s trust.

Hail Varsity Club screenshot family dining together

We let keyword research inform Hurrdat Sports Bar’s website content and targeted specific search intents beyond food and drink.

Hail Varsity Club GMB Listing Service Options

We filled out Google Business listing features like Service Options and Hours to give Google users as much context about Hurrdat Sports Bar as possible.

Hail Varsity Club GMB listing Services Sections

Under these sections, we also linked to conversion areas so customers could take immediate action.

Hail Varsity Club menu items

To make Hurrdat Sports Bar’s listing more engaging and informative to potential customers, we added high-quality images of food, drinks, and the venue itself.

Hail Varsity Club Events on GBP listing

We continually update Hurrdat Sports Bar’s Google Business listing by repurposing social media content and creating events on Google Posts.

Hail Varsity Club GBP listing with reviews

Because Google reviews are one of the biggest local search ranking signals, we encouraged Hurrdat Sports Bar to follow consistent review generation practices like responding directly to customer reviews.

 The Results

These are the results of our website design and local search optimization efforts over the first 21 weeks of the website and Google listing being active:

Google Impressions

• 308,000 Google Map Impressions
• 38,600 Google Search Impressions


Google Business Profile Actions

Website Visits

Driving Direction Requests


As our SEO, website, and social media strategies take hold, we hope to see continual growth with these crucial local search conversions.

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