LANDED Travel Sees 300% Organic Keyword Growth After Website Optimization


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The Challenge

LANDED Travel came to Hurrdat with a website that wasn’t helping them further their business goals. The website was full of great content, but it had performance and architecture issues, as well as missed optimization opportunities, that were creating a poor experience and holding the site back from growing organically.

The Solution

Our approach was to redesign LANDED Travel’s website with both user experience and SEO in mind. The LANDED team generates new content frequently, so it was a priority to create a user-friendly framework for them to work within while rebuilding the site.

Hurrdat also optimized all existing pages across the website. Though there was no shortage of relevant and quality content on their site, existing content wasn’t optimized to drive traffic. Through extensive keyword research and optimization efforts with title tags, page headers, and more, Hurrdat was able to turn existing content into a powerful marketing tool.

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 The Results

Unfortunately, the new LANDED Travel website launched weeks before COVID-19 upended the travel industry, so significant traffic results haven’t been fully realized yet. But keyword growth shows incredible progress that should fuel business efforts in the future when travel picks up once more.

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