How Social Media Marketing Helps Local Businesses

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Summary: TL;DR: Small businesses can benefit greatly from utilizing social media marketing. By building brand awareness, providing quick customer service, leveraging user-generated content, selling products directly through platforms like Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping, creating cost-effective ad campaigns, and gaining valuable market insights through analytics, businesses can connect with customers and boost sales online. Social media offers a cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences and engage with customers effectively. Don't miss out on the opportunities social media can provide for your small business!

If your small business isn’t on social media, then you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with existing customers and attract new customers online. Most social media platforms are free to use and offer cost-effective advertising options that can help get you in front of local consumers when they’re looking for local services. We’ve compiled some of the top benefits of using social media marketing for small businesses below.

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Build Brand Awareness

Whether you’re opening a small business for the first time or trying to gain more visibility for your existing business online, social media is a great way to reach customers and strengthen your company’s identity. Being authentic with your brand on social media can attract customers who care about brand values, and it can even help you build trust with customers. In addition, you can establish yourself as an industry thought leader within your professional network and discover niche communities that can support your business.

Provide Quick Customer Service

Small business on social media can offer customers a positive experience by quickly responding to questions and concerns raised in direct messages and comments. This also provides a great opportunity to respond to negative reviews and maintain good customer relationships. Keep in mind that approximately 75% of users expect a response to their private messages on Facebook and Twitter, and 64% would rather message than call a business directly.

Find User-Generated Content

Social media users are constantly creating free advertising for small businesses with photos, videos, reviews, and more. Take advantage of customer interest in your business by encouraging or featuring user-generated content (UGC) on your social media accounts. UGC provides social proof that people enjoy and value your product or service. In addition, small businesses can use social media listening to help understand what customers want to see with products or services, online content, and more.

Sell Products & Services Through Social

Small businesses can increase sales by offering products directly through in-app purchases with Facebook Shops, Instagram Shopping, and Pinterest Shopping. On these platforms, you can feature your products in an e-commerce online storefront directly linked to both your social media profile and your business website. Instagram Shops specifically provide easy ways to promote products or services through Instagram Reels, shoppable tags, product posts, and swipe up links from Stories. And if your local business is in B2B sales, you can also replace cold calling with social selling.

Create Cost-Effective Ad Campaigns

Compared to other paid advertising options like Google Ads and display advertising, social media advertising allows you to build ad campaigns at an affordable price. Not to mention, because of social media’s user tracking, it’s easier for advertisers to create targeted social media ads that reach more precise buyer demographics. Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads, for example, are some of the most popular options for businesses looking to promote products or services with local customers via social media.

Discover Valuable Market Insights

If you’re hoping to generate new leads for your business online, social media analytics can be incredibly helpful in pinpointing where you’re successful and where you need more effort. Reviewing metrics such as likes, shares, comments, impressions, and clicks can help you understand what kind of social media content your customers like—or which of your products they interact with the most. You can even conduct a sentiment analysis to uncover how customers really feel about your brand.

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