Introducing Hurrdat Marketing’s New Podcast: “I’ve Heard That”

by | Last updated Jun 21, 2022 | Podcast

This year, Hurrdat Marketing launched a new podcast on the Hurrdat Media Network called I’ve Heard That, which dives deep into digital marketing trends, tips, insights, and more! In our intro episode, Agency Director and host Meghan sits down with President of Hurrdat, Bill Hipsher, to introduce Hurrdat Marketing, our company history, our brand and services, and why we decided to launch a podcast.

What was the idea behind this podcast, and how did it come to be?

Meghan: As Hurrdat has grown, we’ve grown from website development to social media to print and publication and, now, Hurrdat Media includes podcasting. It just another way we can reach business owners and other marketers and connect with them. We have so much expertise on our team and under one roof that I’m so excited to bring them in and have them share in a way that typically only our clients would hear.

Who are you going to have on, and what will you cover in this first season?

Meghan: We have everyone from SEO Director Ross Allen to come in and talk about traditional SEO and how the Google algorithm takes different factors and what local businesses can do to optimize for that. We’ll have Bailey Hemphill and Max Riffner on—Max is our Creative Director, and Bailey is our Content Director. There’s so much that goes into creating a brand, and how does a small business start on that? What are the elements they need to consider? We have Allie Burkey and Kirsten Smith on from our paid and social teams. Kirsten is our Social Media Director, and Allie is our Paid Search Director, so those go hand in hand a lot of times in terms of amplifying what we’re doing—social driving traffic back to the site or amplifying a conversion of sorts, and paid because it takes a little budget sometimes to amplify that message.

We have a full lineup of awesome experts under our roof and a lot of topics. We were thinking about this podcast because our account managers, myself, and Bill get asked questions all the time. “How should I do this? What should I be doing?” Realizing that we’re in it all day long, those are easy answers for us typically or we know where to find the answer. But business owners know this information isn’t readily available. You’d have to become an expert yourself. So how can we offer that expertise externally to somebody else that’s not just an existing client?

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