I’ve Heard That: Video Killed the Digital Marketing Star

by | May 12, 2021 | Podcast

On the season two premiere of our I’ve Heard That podcast on the Hurrdat Media Network, host Meghan sits down with Creative Director Max Riffner and Dan Napoli, Head of Creative & Post-Production at Hurrdat Films, to talk about video marketing, film production, and how brands can utilize video as part of their digital marketing strategies.

How does a business start to incorporate video into its strategy?

Riffner: Typically, that process starts with determining the individual goals of the client. Video marketing often feels “sexy” to new clients. They all feel like they need video, but sometimes they actually don’t.

Napoli: Video marketing is really vast—in 2021, video is everything from branded documentaries to TikTok. I’m sure it’s very confusing for clients when they want to take the first step into marketing. We have situations where clients want video because it’s appealing. After all, if you think about it, video marketing really melds together all the various elements used throughout marketing. But it’s a large investment, and it can take a while. For that reason, we always start with the following questions: What are we trying to do here? Who are you trying to talk to? What are you trying to say to them? And how long does this message need to last?

How does budget factor into video marketing?

Napoli: I think of it as a trifecta of budget, purpose, and message. When we get the best results is when we get all three points of that triangle. In the early days, it was this poker game. Clients were hesitant to “show their hand” when it came to their budget. And to be fair, there was also a whole element of the production industry that was like “How much can we get from our clients?” That mentality is gone, and now it’s about the most that we can do to get the most bang for your budget. It’s all about seeing where that trifecta is.

Riffner: Ultimately, we’re problem solvers. And creatively, I think having a budget makes things a little more interesting. If you have an unlimited budget, you have unlimited choices for your video marketing strategy. However, it’s more fun to have a little bit of constraint because you can get some really creative and exciting results out of it.

What’s one of the biggest trends in video marketing today?

Riffner: I would say authenticity seems to be a big trend right now. It was a little controversial after the fact, but the Bruce Springsteen Jeep Ad for the Super Bowl and the Patagonia stuff is in fashion. It’s not being afraid to have a point of view, be authentic, and share what your brand stands for.

Napoli: I think we’re going to see more of the branded documentary. Where a brand is authentically behind it, but the brand or product isn’t the focus. Instead, their point of view is the focus of those documentaries.

Riffner: Also, there are these very specific brand videos, and then there are these “YouTube as a search engine” videos. YouTube results are everywhere. Using video for SEO is a fascinating thing.

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