I’ve Heard That: So…We Bought a Bar

by | Last updated Nov 22, 2022 | Podcast

In this episode of the I’ve Heard That podcast on the Hurrdat Media Network, host Max is joined by SVP of Media & Entertainment Chris Gorman and Hail Varsity Club Events & Experience Manager Meg Ryan to discuss the latest collaboration between Hurrdat and Hail Varsity—a sports bar and entertainment venue!

How Did We Come Up with This Sports Bar & Entertainment Venue Idea?

Gorman: Hail Varsity is an incredible brand, and we’ve always looked for ways to extend it. Brick and mortar was something that was always on our minds. That’s why we wanted to open Hail Varsity Club. Somewhere people could come and be Nebraska fans and share their experiences with others. We were trying to find the perfect time and opportunity to open this space. So we started looking around at different properties, and we found quite a few, but ultimately landed on a spot in La Vista that ended up being the perfect place.

How Did We Start Planning for Hail Varsity Club?

Gorman: From the ground up, we had to build this core group of people who understood the vision—that it’s not just another bar and grill. It’s going to be different. It’s going to be elevated food, an elevated experience, especially for Nebraska fans. A big part of that was creating a world-class menu. The first time we saw the Nebraska Charcuterie Board, we knew that it had to go on the menu right then and there. There’s also the venue side of Hail Varsity Club called Hurrdat Live. What we intend to do there is put on events that you don’t get to see elsewhere.

Ryan: I think having all this talent with diverse sports, media, and music creates a calendar that you won’t find elsewhere. We have something for every type of fan. So it’s been that’s been fun to plan and strategize around.

What Goes into Planning an Event at Hail Varsity Club?

Ryan: The first step is filling out the event submission form. There’s a list of questions that need answered to be able to put the pieces together. Then, we start planning. I’ll work with our agency to get graphics created, copy written, and then we’ll launch the event. Usually, we’ll have different promotional partners for it, so working together with them to spread the word. I also have to make sure the run of show is being put together, and there’s no stone left unturned. You know, making sure there’s security if needed, or there’s enough staff so everyone has a great experience. We want people to come to the event and have a great time eating, drinking, and experiencing the restaurant.

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