Alexi English

Alexi Wilt
Local Search Director

Alexi Wilt is passionate about many things in life, ranging from Creighton Basketball (She never misses a game!) to dishing on the latest episode of The Bachelor. Wilt brings that same energy and passion to Hurrdat Marketing, where she leads the Local Search team. As Local Search Director, she oversees day-to-day responsibilities while developing local search optimization strategies for clients and managing a variety of projects and tasks.

Wilt graduated in 2015 from Creighton University with a degree in marketing. Before starting her career at Hurrdat, Wilt wasn’t completely sure what she wanted to do. “There wasn’t much of a vision,” she says. “I went into marketing because I had an interest in sports marketing. I never really followed through with it. I was a little unsure about my future after college.”

Right before graduating college, Wilt stumbled across a job opening with Hurrdat Marketing. “I found the company super intriguing. As someone who didn’t know what they wanted to do, I was open to anything,” she explains. After interning and learning about local search engine optimization, Wilt was hired as a Local Search Strategist.

Now six years later, Wilt has transitioned from Local Search Strategist to the team’s leader. She sees her involvement with the evolution of the Local Search team and her own growth within the company as the biggest accomplishments of her career so far. “It’s been extremely cool to watch the Local Search team change over the years,” she says. “I knew nothing about local search when I started, and I’m extremely thankful for the people I’m surrounded by at Hurrdat and the mentors that I’ve had.”

One of the biggest challenges for Wilt when transitioning to her leadership role was getting out of her comfort zone. “I’m way more introverted than I am extroverted,” she explains. “Leading a team was scary at first, but I’m so happy I took the challenge. It helps that I have a really great team to work with every day!”

Wilt believes that good leadership is all about being there for your team and leading by example. “I think it’s extremely important to offer top-notch support to the employees on your team. I want to be someone they can come to for anything, whether it’s a project they are working on or something they’re dealing with in their personal lives.”

To that end, Wilt works hard not only to assist clients with boosting their online visibility while growing their online audience, but also to help her team grow and realize their potential. “I want my team to improve and expand their knowledge every day, so I am doing what I can to help them improve,” she explains. “Local search is constantly changing, and I think it’s extremely important that my team and I are keeping up. Supporting my team and staying on top of my day-to-day tasks and projects is a balancing act.”

Wilt is also proud of how well everyone on her team works together. “We all get along extremely well and genuinely enjoy working together. I think fit is extremely important when adding new team members. It’s not all about their previous experience or ‘What can you do for us?’ The stronger we are as a team, the better we will serve our clients.”

When Wilt isn’t busy assisting clients or helping her team grow, she spends her time watching and discussing reality TV, playing with her kitten LeBron, or going to breweries and attending local beer festivals with her husband, Andre.

Asked what motivates Wilt at work every day, her answer is simple—the team at Hurrdat Marketing. “I love the people that I work with. I love how much everyone cares about what they do. We work well together, but I can also get sidetracked with them and talk about life outside of work. I genuinely enjoy being around the people that I work with, and I feel extremely lucky.”