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Struggling to find time to create a content strategy? Hurrdat Marketing’s content marketing services include website content creation, blogging, and other copywriting services that can improve your brand awareness and drive website traffic.

Why Content Marketing Matters for Your Brand

Content marketing is one of the most important pieces of a digital marketing strategy. It supports every aspect of your marketing plan from SEO and web design to branding and social media marketing. With content, you can tell your brand’s story, demonstrate your expertise, engage with your customers, optimize your website for relevant keywords, and promote your products or services.

Whether it’s writing copy for webpages, creating engaging blog posts, producing email newsletters, or crafting public relations stories, your content strategy needs to incorporate audience and competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO copywriting, and brand marketing tactics to be successful.

How We Create a Content Marketing Strategy


Research the Audience

Understanding who your customers are is a crucial part of creating a content strategy for your brand. We work with you to determine your target demographic, then we research everything from their basic interests to how they look for information online so we know how to approach them on their level.


Scope Out Competitors

Your content is going to be competing with existing content created by your competitors. We review these competitors, what they’re doing with their content, and how they’re doing it so we can implement content marketing tactics that will help your brand get ahead.


Find Optimal Keywords

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, which means your content needs strong optimization to see success. We review your brand’s keyword profile to figure out opportunities for improvement, then we build out a thorough list of search terms, phrases, and questions to target in your content.


Plan the Content

We take everything we’ve learned about your audience, your competitors, and your SEO opportunities and come up with a plan to create unique content for your brand. Then, we write to catch your audience’s attention, provide them with engaging information, and help them see your brand’s value.


Promote Brand Goals

Helping you hit your online marketing goals is the endgame for content marketing. We work in conjunction with our other digital marketing services to push your products or services, keep your audience aware of your brand, and drive customers to conversion points.

Case Studies

Want to learn more about how Hurrdat Marketing has helped clients with content strategies and SEO copywriting? Check out our content marketing case studies!

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