Paid Advertising

Need to drive quality leads to your website? Paid ads can get them there. Hurrdat Marketing provides paid search management services to help you target potential customers more effectively in places where they’re already looking online to help you boost your conversions.

Why Paid Advertising Matters for Your Brand

Pay-per-click advertising (also called PPC) is one of the best ways to directly target customers online who are ready to make a decision. Through social media ads, display ads, video ads, and remarketing ads, you can bring qualified leads to your website and see more conversions.

Whether you need a top-of-the-funnel strategy to build brand awareness and get people interested in your products or services, or a bottom-of-the-funnel strategy that brings customers to sales points on your website, paid advertising is a necessary part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

How We Create a Paid Advertising Strategy


Find the Best Platforms

We determine the optimal paid advertising platforms to help you increase brand visibility in search engine results, improve website traffic, and deliver customers directly to webpages where they can take action.



Pull Customer Data

A “spray and pray” approach isn’t ideal with paid ads. That’s why we use existing email lists, social media analytics, and other customer data you’ve collected to create target audiences that drive qualified leads to your brand.



Monitor Ad Performance

While your paid ad campaign is running, we keep a close eye on the real-time results. This allows us to ensure your ads are achieving your paid marketing goals and make immediate adjustments if they’re not.



Run Campaign Tests

We want to see what kind of ads work best for your brand and target audience. Through A/B testing, we try different visuals, ad copy messaging, and placements to see what gets more clicks from your customers.



Provide Monthly Reporting

With monthly paid advertising reports featuring detailed metrics, we show you where your PPC efforts are performing well and where we believe adjustments can be made to better target your online advertising goals.

Get Started with Paid Advertising

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