Search Engine Optimization

Not seeing your company’s website in search engine results pages? Your SEO strategy may need work. Hurrdat Marketing’s SEO services can help you audit your website, optimize content for relevant keywords, and improve your local search visibility.

Why SEO Matters for Your Brand

​Search engine optimization (SEO) is the difference between your brand getting found—or not found—online. It’s what tells search engines what pages on your website to index, which information to pull when someone searches for an answer to a specific question, and where you should appear in terms of placement within search engine results pages.

A good SEO strategy should work in tandem with web design, content marketing, local search optimization, and other digital marketing services so that you can connect with people looking for information relevant to your brand and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

How We Create a SEO Strategy


Conduct an Audit

Before we make any adjustments to your online presence, we conduct a thorough SEO audit. We review your website structure, traffic data, link profile, local search optimization, and more to see where your brand is successful and where you have opportunities to boost your efforts.



Improve Site Structure

If your site is difficult to navigate, neither search engines nor potential customers will be able to find what they need. We organize page structure, implement an XML sitemap, and add schema markup to improve user experience and make your website easier to crawl and index. 



Determine Optimal Keywords

Your brand might already be ranking for specific keywords in search engine results, but there’s always room for improvement. We conduct extensive keyword research to ensure your SEO efforts include targeting phrases and search queries that drive valuable traffic to your website.



Monitor Link Profile

It’s hard to keep track of all of the places online where your website is being linked—and it can be even harder to get questionable links taken down. We keep a close eye on your link profile to ensure you’re only receiving high-quality backlinks that help your brand’s search engine optimization.



Provide Monthly Reporting

We want to make sure your SEO strategy is helping to accomplish to your digital marketing goals. That’s why we offer monthly reports that cover website traffic, customer acquisition, on-site user behavior, and more to see where you’re succeeding and where valuable adjustments can be made.

Case Studies

Want to learn more about how Hurrdat Marketing has helped clients with search engine optimization strategies? Check out our SEO case studies!

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