Extra Space Storage Sees 97% Increase in Organic Sessions with Title Tag Optimization


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The Challenge

Extra Space Storage’s city location pages, which display each store within a city, are some of their highest priority webpages. Hurrdat came to Extra Space Storage with a title tag test designed to help grow these pages. The test would not only be simple to implement, but also easy to scale if the results warranted it.

The Solution

We introduced three title tag test variations:

  • Titles that included the lowest price in each city
  • Titles that included a keyword variation
  • Titles that included how many locations were in that city
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All three test groups experienced growth that exceeded the control group. But one group stood out above the rest. The title tag group showing the lowest price available in the city experienced 60% traffic growth. Conversion rates also rose 138% with no other changes being made to these pages. All in all, this group drove more traffic—that was also higher quality traffic—making it the clear winner.

With compelling results coming out of this test, we were able to take these findings and apply them to city pages sitewide.

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Organic Session Growth YOY


CTR in Organic Search

 The Results

Since implementing sitewide, the results of this single update have continued to be overwhelmingly positive:

  • 199% organic session growth YoY
  • CTR in organic search rose from .65% to 1.23%
  • Significant growth throughout COVID-19*

*Sitewide implementation was launched just before COVID-19 became a major concern. Though these pages experienced significant traffic growth and a drastic rise in transactions, the conversion rate improvements we saw from the test didn’t transfer to the sitewide implementation. As COVID-19 changed day-to-day lives, especially during national shutdowns, conversion rates dropped significantly across the entire site and very likely impacted these results.

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