How Frontier Jackson Email Subscribers Grew from 0 to 1,000 in One Year


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  • Client: Frontier Jackson
  • Industry: Retail
  • Services: Email Marketing
  • Results: Over 1,000 email subscribers in first year
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The Challenge

After helping launch the Frontier Jackson brand from scratch, Hurrdat was executing SEO and content marketing strategies, seeking out social media influencers for brand partnerships, identifying paid placements in a restricted industry, and building email marketing campaigns. With email marketing in particular, Hurrdat saw an opportunity to create ongoing relationships with website visitors.


The Solution

Frontier Jackson offers premium CBD products. Though the quality is superior to most products on the market, convincing first-time buyers to make a purchase was challenging.

Through the Frontier Jackson website, we offered product discounts when visitors signed up for the email newsletter as a way to lower the barrier of entry on the first purchase. To maximize email capture, we A/B tested different types of pop-ups, such as timed pop-ups, exit intent pop-ups, and inactivity pop-ups on an ongoing basis.

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By focusing on email marketing with first-time buyers, we opened up a channel of ongoing communication to nurture the relationship between Frontier Jackson and their customers.

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Open Rate on Automated Emails


Click Rate on Automated Emails


Conversion Rate on Clicked Emails

 The Results

In just the first year, Frontier Jackson was able to take advantage of their organic and paid traffic by growing their email list to just over 1,000 subscribers. The primary pop-ups that were running after extensive A/B testing have a conversion rate of 5.89% and 9.29%, well above the 2-3% industry average. In addition, Frontier Jackson saw:

  • Over 40% open rate on automated emails (audience average of 22.9%)
  • Over 15% click rate on automated emails (audience average of 3%)
  • Conversion rate of 28% on clicked emails

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