5 Benefits of Using Instagram Link Stickers

by | Last updated Jun 21, 2022 | Digital Marketing

In October 2021, Instagram officially rolled out link stickers to all users. This replaced Instagram’s swipe-up feature—which was only available to verified and high-follower accounts—so that any account can share links in Instagram Stories.

While the release of link stickers in Instagram Stories may not sound like a big deal, this has the potential to be a game-changer for brands and businesses using Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategies. Here are a few ways Instagram link stickers could benefit your marketing efforts.

Get More Engagement

Your Instagram Story viewers can now send responses or reactions on Stories with links, which wasn’t offered with the swipe-up feature and limited audience interactions as a result. This expanded range of reactions provides even more ways for viewers to interact with your linked content, so Stories displaying Instagram link stickers may see higher engagement rates than Stories that only use the swipe-up feature.

Customize Your Links

Link stickers allow for more design flexibility within Stories compared to the swipe-up feature. When designing your link sticker, you can choose from four color options, customize how your link text appears (up to 46 characters), and size the sticker to better work with content layouts.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Whether you want to send your Instagram followers to a product page, a newsletter signup, an online order form, or a contact page, link stickers can help you lead your social media audience to your website. Before link stickers, Story viewers would’ve had to visit your profile to find your website link. Now, however, you can save them time and effort by taking them directly to the webpage or resource they’re looking for.

Promote Time-Sensitive Content

Instagram Stories are already great for promoting time-sensitive information since they only stay posted for 24 hours before moving to the archive. With the introduction of link stickers, this means you can now share timely news, offers and deals, event announcements, giveaways, and more with your audience—and potentially get more engagement and conversions with time-sensitive content directly from social media!

Highlight Brand Partnerships

If you’re collaborating with a brand or influencer, you can point your followers to your partner’s Instagram account or website with a link sticker in your content. You can even share affiliate links and codes with the link sticker feature, too. This is a great way to build community and find new followers through partnerships.

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