3 Ways to Use Pinterest Trends for Digital Marketing Research

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Summary: TL;DR: Pinterest Trends offers valuable insights into what users are searching for on the platform, aiding marketers in identifying emerging trends and planning content strategies. By reviewing daily and category-specific trending topics, incorporating trends into keyword research, and using timeline data to plan ahead, marketers can stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on consumer interests. For instance, Pinterest Predicts forecasts trends for the upcoming year, while keyword research can reveal popular search terms like "tie dye." Understanding when interest peaks can inform the timing of campaigns, product launches, and content creation. Utilizing Pinterest Trends can streamline the process of creating engaging and relevant marketing campaigns tailored to audience preferences.

If you’re struggling to find topics for a content marketing strategy, understand what your social media audiences are interested in at different points of the year, or determine when the best time to launch a new product is, Pinterest Trends could just provide you with the ideas and answers you need.

Pinterest Trends is a free tool that provides data on what Pinterest’s more than 320 million users are searching for on the social media platform throughout the year. This can provide marketers with unique insights into emerging online trends across categories like food, home, travel, health, and more.

So how can you use Pinterest Trends when researching ideas for your digital marketing strategies and campaigns? Here are three simple tips.

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When you first open Pinterest Trends, you can see the trending topics of the day, as well as trending topics by category. Each will include graphs so that you can view the level of interest in the topic over a period of time.

screenshot of daily pinterest trends

These graphs allow you to see topics on a daily, monthly, and yearly interest level, which can be helpful for your marketing efforts, regardless of whether you’re simply filling in a gap in your social media content schedule today or planning ahead for a product launch several months down the road.

You can also check out the platform’s annual Pinterest Predicts, which comes out at the beginning of the year and forecasts emerging trends for the year ahead. For example, the top Pinterest trends for 2023 were things like sci-fi outfits, drought-tolerant landscaping, and antique interior decorating.

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of a digital marketing strategy or campaign. It gives you direct insights into what consumers are searching for online, and it gives your brand the ability to cater directly to searchers and what they’re looking for right now.

Pinterest Trends can be a great tool for keyword research, especially if you’re planning a strategy or campaign a few months in advance. The typical user searches for seasonal trends on Pinterest long before they take action or turn to other platforms. Use this to your advantage to get ahead of online conversations. Take a look at the list of trending topics that Pinterest publishes each month to get an early glimpse into what people are searching for before those trends appear in other common marketing insight tools.

For example, “tie dye” was one of the top trending searches in March 2020, and the fashion trend itself started to pick up in April. “Tie dye” is a pretty broad keyword, but you can use Pinterest Trends’ auto-fill option to find other popular tie dye keyword ideas, such as tie dye shirts, tie dye parties, tie dye ideas, and tie-dye outfits.

screenshot of keyword specific trends from Pinterest

Incorporating Pinterest keyword research into your process will help you identify consumer interest and find opportunities for capitalizing on that interest with blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more.

Use Timeline Data to Plan Ahead

Like Google Trends, Pinterest Trends can show you when interest peaks in a topic and when it falls. This can be useful when looking at dates for an annual content calendar, social media campaign, or product launch, as you can discover when consumer interest is at its highest for a given topic.

Let’s say you run a recipe blog, and you want to look at when searches for appetizers are most popular. Using Pinterest Trends, you can see “appetizer ideas” starts to increase in October and peaks in December—which tells you that appetizer searches are popular around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. With this in mind, you’d want to create and share appetizer recipe content in October and potentially through November and early December to capitalize on consumer interest.

Screenshot of Pinterest Trends Timeline

This same tactic can be replicated for any of your digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Going back through timeline graphs on Pinterest Trends can help you determine when the best time to run promotional events will be, when you should consider launching new products or services, when an email drip campaign should start, and more.

It takes time and effort to come up with original content and unique marketing campaigns, but tools like Pinterest Trends can take some of the guesswork out of understanding what your audience wants to see.

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