4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Local SEO Agency

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Summary: TL;DR: Local search optimization is crucial for small businesses to connect with local customers online. Hiring a reputable local SEO agency can help manage listings and improve visibility without resorting to black hat tactics. Look for agencies that offer clear goals, measurable results like increased website traffic and positive reviews, and monthly reporting to track progress. Make sure the agency is established, provides examples of their work, and communicates effectively to ensure a successful partnership in boosting your online presence and attracting local customers.

Local search optimization (or local SEO) is one of the best ways for small businesses to grow an online presence and connect with local customers. Through local listing management and local citation building, your business can get in front of customers who are already searching for local services online.

Staying on top of local business listings and local search engine optimization tactics, however, isn’t something most small businesses have time for. Because of this, most businesses turn to an SEO agency to help out with these efforts. But how do you know the agency you choose is reliable and can deliver good results?

Here are some questions you should ask before hiring a local SEO company to help your business with local listing management and search engine optimization.

Do They Seem Reputable & Trustworthy?

Before hiring an agency to help with your business’ local SEO efforts, it’s important to make sure the company is legitimate and established. Contact them to learn more about the work they do. Visit their website to read descriptions of their services. See if they have case studies or white papers showcasing their local search optimization strategies. Or ask for references of local businesses they’ve worked with. Reputable companies will be able to give you the information you need and often share examples of the work they’ve done.

How Will They Improve My Local Visibility?

A good local SEO company will improve your online visibility through setting up and managing accurate, consistent local citations—that is, a listing that features your business name, address, phone number, website, and hours of operation. Having correct business listings across the web tells search engines that you’re a valid business, which makes it more likely that you’ll appear in results for relevant local searches.

If you encounter an SEO agency that tries to convince you that they can get your business in the top spot in Google search results, you should probably avoid working with them. Not only does this mean they have a fundamental misunderstanding of local search ranking factors, but this could also mean the agency is using black hat SEO tactics that could hurt your online presence in the long run.

What Local SEO Results Can They Deliver?

Local search optimization experts should be able to define clear, measurable goals that help your business see the value of their efforts. These results might be things like:

  • An uptick in website traffic from local search results
  • More completed actions like Click-to-Call or Get Directions
  • An increase in number of positive business reviews online

An agency that can show that the local SEO strategy they’ve implemented produces results is a good one to work with, as they’ll be more inclined to share regular updates with you and keep you in the loop regarding strategy adjustments and improvements you can make with your small business marketing.

Will They Provide Monthly Reporting?

Monitoring and reviewing data is necessary for adjusting marketing strategies, and a good local SEO company should have reporting as part of their process. If the local search company you’re talking to doesn’t offer monthly reports on the work they’re doing, how will you know if your investment is worth it? Stick to partners that are forthcoming with their results and that make an effort to sit down with you and explain what those results mean for your business and your digital marketing plan.

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