8 Ways to Use Facebook Groups in Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Summary: TL;DR: Facebook Groups offer a free and powerful way to engage with customers, build brand loyalty, and drive sales. By creating a community around your brand, discussing related topics, promoting events and deals, hosting polls, running contests, inviting brand ambassadors, and tracking analytics, you can leverage the platform to its fullest potential. Personal engagement and customer insights are key to success in using Facebook Groups for business. Diversify your online presence and let your loyal customers become vocal advocates for your brand. Ready to enhance your social media strategy? Reach out to Hurrdat for expert guidance.

Marketing your business on Facebook is only as effective as the amount of money you have to spend on it, right? It doesn’t have to be! Like any marketing tool, the power of social media campaigns lies within their execution. Nearly every brand under the sun has a Facebook Page, but what about a Facebook Group? Here are eight ways to promote engagement and build your business with Facebook Groups!

Strengthen Your Brand Identity

While Facebook Pages are about communicating to your customers, Facebook Groups are all about communicating with them. The community-driven nature of Facebook Groups allows brands to be more personal in the way they engage, giving them the opportunity to create a less formal voice for the brand without sacrificing professional integrity. In other words, you can show your customers you value them as people, not just patrons.

You can also show them the more human side of your brand. Doing this can help create loyal customers—and keep in mind that loyal customers tend to spend 10x more than newly acquired ones. In short, you should always keep brand identity in mind when interacting with Facebook Groups.

Build a Community Around Your Brand

In addition to giving your customers a behind-the-scenes peek at the people behind your brand, Facebook Groups give them a space to connect with other people who already know, like, and trust your product or service. Unlike paid advertising on the platform, Facebook Groups give brands the freedom to harness digital word-of-mouth without spending a single penny. Even casual patrons of your brand will relish the opportunity to connect over common ground, which, in this case, is your business.

Whether it’s through posts about a fan-favorite product or selfies posted from within your store, Facebook Groups put organic reach back within reach. Once you’ve established a personal relationship between your brand and your customers, you get much more than traditional loyalty—you get a vocal, engaged advocate for your brand.

No matter how much your customers enjoy your brand, your group’s engagement is sure to stagnate if they’re expected to avoid all other topics. Of course, you should moderate the group to keep posts free of explicit content and spam, but don’t shut down discussions just because they’re not 100% about your brand. After all, your customers likely have more in common than their loyalty to you.

If your brand sells outdoor gear, for example, don’t be surprised if your group’s members strike up a conversation about hiking or camping. Encourage these discussions by posting some non-brand content, such as an insightful article or a fun event happening near you. Then, keep the conversation going by joining in from time to time. Your group might start with your brand, but it certainly shouldn’t end there.

Promote Events & Deals

In the same way you might offer a favor to a friend, you should also promote deals and events to Facebook Groups. Even if these promotions are open to the public, hearing about them in a more private setting will make your group’s members feel special. In fact, psychological studies show that exclusivity leads to higher sales.

Run a variety of promotions, including first-time buyer deals and limited-time-only sales, and your customers will be sure to take advantage. And don’t forget to reward your group members’ loyalty by hosting invite-only events. After all, the goal is to provide value while making your customers feel valued.

Host Polls & Get Feedback

Want to know what’s really on your customers’ minds? Ask them. Use Facebook polls to gather feedback on new products and services, learn more about your customers’ habits, and spark discussion. And unless the nature of your business would make it inappropriate to do so, don’t worry about keeping things strictly business.

Make your customers smile with a tongue-in-cheek survey about which of your products they’d take with them to a desert island. (This example may not apply to every business, but the point is to be creative.) Use out-of-the-box thinking to engage your customers—they’ll be more willing to share their thoughts if you do.

Run Group-Exclusive Contests

Remember how customers like to feel exclusive? Try running a members-only contest within your Facebook Groups to further leverage this fact. Competitions are a fun, unique way to add value to your customers’ experiences on Facebook, and there are plenty of different kinds of contests, so keeping things fresh won’t be any trouble at all.

Invite your customers to submit a selfie with one of your products or from inside your business as part of a photo contest. Or host a giveaway that encourages your members to share your group for a chance to win. Whatever you do, keep your audience in mind. The contests you run and the prizes you offer should reflect who your customers are and what they want from your business.

Invite Brand Ambassadors

Let someone who already has a strong media following help draw a crowd to your Facebook Groups. Whether you choose to hire a full-time or part-time brand ambassador or form a partnership with a social media influencer, using someone else’s leverage is a fast and effective way to build interest in your brand.

Brand ambassadors also know how to create a ripple effect. That is, they use their reputation to bolster yours. Having someone like this as a member of your group shows other customers that they should join, too. Networking is a key pillar of social media marketing, so put your connections to work. Your bottom line will thank you.

Gather & Track Analytics Using Group Insights

Though the opportunity for personal engagement with customers is the biggest draw of using Facebook Groups for business, you can also use Facebook Groups to track data about your customers. Check out Facebook’s Group Insights tool to gain actionable insight into your group’s growth and its members’ engagement over time. Discover who the group’s top contributors are, determine which kinds of posts perform best, and learn which days and times your group is most active. Then, use this data to determine how you run the group in the future.

In essence, Facebook Groups allow you to promote your business using your most powerful resource: your customers. It’s time to diversify your online presence. Let those who already know, like, and trust your brand to sing its praises.

Interested in leveraging Facebook Groups in your social media marketing strategy? Contact Hurrdat today! We can help you build a meaningful online presence that supports your digital marketing goals.

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