Google Posts: What Are They & How Can You Use Them?

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Summary: TL;DR: Google Posts allow businesses to share updates, events, offers, and products directly on Google search results. By creating engaging posts through Google My Business, you can reach local customers effectively. Types of posts include What's New, Event, Offer, Product, and COVID-19 updates. Posts are free, have a one-week lifespan, and can be tracked for engagement. Utilize Google Posts to enhance customer engagement, promote specials, and communicate important information to your audience. Remember to keep posts concise, use visuals, and add a call-to-action for better results. Stay connected with customers and drive business growth by leveraging Google Posts effectively. Complete your Google My Business profile to start utilizing this powerful tool and connect with your audience in a more direct and engaging way.

Looking for new ways to reach local customers online? Google now offers a better way to stay connected with your customers directly in search engine results through its Google Posts offering!

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What Are Google Posts?

In January 2016, Google launched Google Posts to give presidential candidates in the 2016 U.S. election a place to share their viewpoints directly in search engine results pages (SERPs). They were called “candidate cards.” Then, in 2017, Google Posts were introduced to any business with a Google My Business account, which gave brands more control of what’s shown on their business profile.

Google Posts are an easy way to share information and quick bits of content with existing and potential customers directly on your business profile. Posts appear on Google Maps and on the business’ knowledge panel in Google search. You can share company announcements, special offers, event details, new products, blog posts, and more! When used correctly, Google Posts can be another valuable way to engage with your audience and drive more business.

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How to Create a Google Post

Creating a Google Post is easier than it seems. As long as you have access to or have signed up for Google My Business, you can make a new post in just a few minutes. Once you’re in your account, here’s what you do:

  • Log into your Google My Business account.
  • If you manage multiple locations, select the one you would like to make a post for.
  • On the menu, click Posts.

Where to Find the Posts for Google My Business

  • Choose the type of post you would like to create.
  • Create your post by adding a photo, copy, call to action, and any other relevant information
  • Before posting, click Preview.
  • If you’re satisfied with your post, click Publish.

Once you hit publish, it may not be an instant update to your knowledge card, but don’t fret. As with anything on Google, there’s typically a delay. So sit tight and wait for changes to take effect!

Types of Google Posts

Depending on what the goal of your post is, you can choose from four Google Post format types. Each format has its own unique fields and the ability to add a call to action button to your post.

What’s New

Do you want to increase brand awareness or share company news? The What’s New post type (also called Update) allows you to upload up to ten photos and videos, copy, and an optional CTA button, such as a “Learn More” or “Call Now” button.

What's New Post type from Google My Business


Have an event coming up? Promote it on your Google business profile! The requirements for the event post type are an event title and a start/end date. You can also add a start and end time, up to ten photos and videos, event details, and CTA button, such as “Sign Up.”

Event Type Post from Google My Business


Do you have a sale going on or want to share a 20% off coupon code? Create a post to share the offer details. You’re required to add an offer title and a start/end date. You can also add a start and end time, up to ten photos and videos, offer details, coupon code, link to redeem offer, and terms and conditions.

Offer Post Type from Google My Business


Do you have a new product in stock? Showcase it by creating a Google Post with a photo of the product, the product name, and category. You also have the option to add a product description, price, and call to action button.

Product Post Type from Google My Business


List of post types from Google My Business

As the world has changed with the spread of COVID-19, Google has changed as well and has created a COVID-19 post option for Google My Business users to apply to their knowledge card. You can use the space to inform customers about current operations during this time. For restaurants, it’s a perfect opportunity to say if you’re offering curbside, takeout, or delivery options!

Additional Google Posts Tips

While making a post is as easy as logging into your Google My Business account, writing, and hitting publish, there are a few extra things to remember about Google Posts. As you get ready to launch a new post, keep in mind that:

Posts Are Free

All you need is a Google My Business account and a verified listing. With that, you have the ability to add posts whenever you need.

Posts Are Found Differently on Mobile & Desktop

On mobile, posts appear on the “Updates” and “Overview” tabs on the business listing, while on desktop they appear on the “From the Owner” section on the business listing.

Only a Snippet of Your Post Will Show

Google will not display the full copy of your post until it’s clicked on; therefore, it’s better to limit the number of characters used. If your post is long, share the most important part of your message first.

Posts Expire After a Week

After a post goes live, you can expect it will be there for up to seven days with the exception of offer and event posts. Both of these options allow you to set a date range. You also have access to expired posts in your Google My Business dashboard and customers can access them by clicking “View previous updates on Google” on your business profile in Google search.

Post Views Can Be Tracked

Track engagement of your post campaigns by adding a UTM code to the URL used on your call-to-action button. You can determine if your campaigns are successful or if you need to try something new.

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