How to Create & Use YouTube End Screens

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If you’re investing in video marketing on YouTube, using end screens is a great way to make sure you’re maximizing exposure. Let’s dive into how end screens can help your channel and how to use them.

What Are YouTube End Screens?

End screens (also referred to as end cards) are a YouTube feature that allows you to add actionable elements, such as a subscribe button or additional videos to watch, to the last 5-20 seconds of your videos.

The full list of options that can be added to an end screen include:

  • Video: Gives viewers the option to watch another video from your channel
  • Playlist: Directs viewers to a playlist within your channel
  • Subscribe: Allows viewers to subscribe to your channel
  • Channel: Promotes a separate YouTube channel
  • Link: Sends viewers to your website (only available for YouTube partners)

Based on this, it’s easy to see how beneficial end screens can be. In fact, end screens create an opportunity to get more from YouTube views. Whether that’s more watch time due to a viewer watching an additional video or gaining a subscriber, these are opportunities you don’t want to miss out on.

How to Add an End Screen on YouTube

Adding an end screen to your videos is really simple. You can do it while uploading a new video, or you can go back into existing videos and end screens if needed.

Adding End Screens to New Videos

If you’re adding an end screen to a video that you’re uploading for the first time, the process is slightly different than updating existing videos. While uploading a video, you’ll see a step labeled “Video elements” in the progress bar.

Screenshot of Adding an Endscreen to a YouTube Video

This step of the video upload process is where you’ll find the option to add an end screen.

Screenshot of How to Add an Endscreen in YouTube

Adding End Screens to Existing Videos

If you’re adding an end screen to an existing video, you can edit the video, and the option to edit the end screen will be in the right sidebar.

Screenshot of How to Add an Endscreen to an Existing Video

From there, you choose which elements you’d like to include, where to place them, and the time frame they’ll appear during.

GIF Showing how to Add End Screen Elements

How to Create an End Screen Template

Final Image Outro for Hurrdat Marketing

If you’re making the effort to produce and optimize YouTube content and are looking to grow your channel and viewership, having an end screen template and building it into the end of your videos is well worth the effort.

Rather than placing subscribe and video elements over the final piece of your video, adding an outro template that’s built around the end screen functionalities YouTube offers will create a clean, intentional experience.

There are two ways to go about this. You can either find a template you like and use that, or create your own.

Find an End Screen Template

There’s no shortage of great end screen templates out there. Some are super simple and require you to update a couple of images and background colors to match your aesthetic. Others may require quite a bit more customization, depending on your design goals, which might make designing your own the better route to go.

Here are some places you can find great end screen templates:

Create a Custom End Screen Template

Designing your own end screen template can be a rewarding option. You’ll likely use this template on each video you create moving forward, so why not invest a little more into it to make your end screens stand out?

YouTube video

If you’re creating your own end screen without using a template or builder, the most important thing to know is the dimensions of the end screen itself and the YouTube elements you’ll be incorporating.

Here are the YouTube end screen dimensions you’ll need:

  • Image size: 1920 x 1080 px
  • Subscribe sphere: 298 x 298 px
  • Video & playlist rectangle: 613 x 343 px – 861 x 482 px
  • Link square: 298 x 298 px

One thing to be aware of is that YouTube doesn’t allow you to place any end screen elements on the edges of the screen. So when designing your end screen template, make sure the elements stay within the safe zone by leaving a little margin on the edges of your design.

Whether it’s as simple as adding end screen elements to your current videos or incorporating an end screen template into your videos, getting started with YouTube end screens will provide a significant return in the form of new subscribers, views and watch time, and more.

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