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  • Client: FOI Clothing Boutique
  • Industry: Ecommerce
  • Services: SEO
  • Results: Over 500% keyword growth
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The Challenge

Foi Clothing Boutique had built a great-looking Shopify store with a great product selection, but they had little to no visibility through organic search. To create a steady influx of quality traffic and to avoid having to rely entirely on word of mouth, social, and paid channels, Hurrdat was tasked with optimizing the Shopify store for search.


The Solution

Hurrdat developed and executed a comprehensive SEO plan to help the client accomplish their goals.

Product Categorization

The client originally had only primary categories (tops, bottoms, dresses). Hurrdat helped to create sub categories through new collections to create more focused pages with better optimization opportunities to rank for searches around tees, sweaters, hoodies, bodysuits, and more.

FOI Clothing categorization

Meta Title Updates

All title tags were updated across the website including product category and product pages. Title updates focused on combining the fun product names the client has with phrases that more closely align with search behavior and intent.

Category Page Content

For both previously existing and new categories built out during the optimization process, we helped to develop optimized content to provide searchers and search engines with valuable content to better understand the products.

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Seasonal & Theme Optimization

In addition to optimizing the current product selection, we worked with the client to develop a template and process to feature and optimize for seasonal trends, as well as a way to prominently feature them.

FOI Clothing collections

 The Results

In just a matter of months after making these SEO updates to this Shopify store, the client saw a 513% keyword growth that is still rapidly on the rise.

Keyword Growth:


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