Social Media & Email Marketing Drives Improved Ticket Sales for Whiskey Festival


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Hurrdat was a pleasure to work with on our event. They were enthusiastic about our mission, they understood our audience, and they listened to what we needed. Probably most valuable to our success was that they were able to adjust throughout the planning process to meet our changing marketing needs. We also just enjoyed working with them as people. We recommend Hurrdat for social media and event marketing. – Laurie Hellbusch – Owner of Spirit World and an Omaha Whiskey Fest board member.

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The Challenge

Hurrdat was tasked with increasing ticket sales to an annual event awareness by increasing local awareness, leveraging social media advertising, and building an email list to target interested parties for this year’s event and events down the line.

The Solution

We knew that to increase ticket sales from last year’s festival that we would not only have to reach new audiences, but also to entice past attendees to come out to the festival again.

Social Media Advertising

To drive fresh interest in the festival we needed to reach people the festival hadn’t reached in the past. In the year leading up to the event we rolled out campaigns in phases.

We started by targeting a 10-mile radius around the city of the event with two campaigns. One was an open ad set that lightly targeted individuals between the ages of 30 and 65 of all genders. The other was a detailed targeting of the same base demographic but narrowed the target down to individuals who had expressed interest in luxury goods, small batch bourbon, bourbon, cocktails, and more.

The next campaign included geo targeting areas of interest outside of the city of the event. This ad featured the hotel package the festival offered to attendees and performed well, with the weekly ticket sales doubling the average the first week after the campaign launched. As rooms filled up from the hotel package, we started dialing back the range of the campaign to focus on areas closer to the event.

Email Marketing

When it comes to driving past attendees back to the festival, we knew that hyper targeted email marketing was our best opportunity.

We created targeting mailing lists that focused both on past attendees and those who have expressed new interest through social media channels, networking events, and vendor promotions.

We sent out early announcement emails, reminder emails that excluded ticket purchasers, important information emails to ticket purchasers and more. We were able to space out the time between campaigns to ensure we didn’t fatigue our email list and drive away any interested leads by over communicating.

 The Results

Increased ticket sales by almost 10%.

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