Advantages of a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

by | Last updated Jun 21, 2022 | Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design

When a business looks for help with a new or existing digital marketing plan, they often turn to a traditional marketing agency. Unfortunately, most traditional marketing agencies only offer a few digital marketing services, which means the business will have to find other agencies to fill the gaps. This can create a Frankenstein’s monster type of digital marketing plan, where the business relies on multiple agencies for digital marketing work instead of one. Not only is this inconvenient for the business, but it can also mean the marketing plan isn’t cohesive.

Choosing a full-service digital marketing agency—like Hurrdat—to help your business is a better option. Here are three reasons why this type of agency is better.

True Digital Marketing Service, Not “Lip Service”

It can be easy to fall into the trap of hiring a traditional agency that’s just getting started in the digital marketing industry. They offer to handle every aspect of your digital marketing plan—from web development and design to content marketing and social media marketing—and they promise “instant results.” But these are the agencies you should be wary of because they rely on lip service to do their work, not true digital marketing experience.

Not to mention, traditional agencies just getting into digital marketing usually don’t have a full staff of digital marketing professionals running the “digital side” side of their agencies. What you’ll get instead are five traditional marketers who have some experience with graphic design, content marketing, and social media.

With a full-service digital marketing agency, you have a team of digital marketing experts at your disposal. We’re talking multiple SEOs, content marketers, web developers, graphic designers, paid search advertisers, and social media marketers, all of whom know digital marketing because they’ve been working in the digital world longer than those just starting to go digital at traditional agencies. This is the agency you need to pull together a cohesive digital marketing plan. As for their results, well, they don’t need lip service because their work does the talking.

Teams That Openly Collaborate

With a full-service digital marketing agency, you’ll notice that teams exist within the agency based on a particular aspect of digital marketing (e.g., an SEO team). While this does serve as a skill-based delineation for employee roles, it doesn’t mean the teams are out of the loop when working on a project for the same client.

Let’s say a client comes to Hurrdat and wants web development and design, content marketing, and SEO services. Our web development team works with our creative team to build a functional website with an appealing design. Our content team works with our web development, creative, and SEO teams to ensure content is easy to find and read, has photos/graphics/videos to pair with the content, and is optimized for search engine results. And our SEO team keeps an eye on the website’s coding and content to make sure they’re in line with SEO best practices and monitors website analytics to determine successes and areas for improvement.

This is in stark contrast to what you may hear about traditional agencies, where individual teams work on their own piece of a larger project and come together at the end to try and put it together. Doing work this way can lead to problems that will take more time to correct. This is why open collaboration matters—because any problems that come up can quickly be fixed when each team works together to achieve the same goal.

Willingness to Focus on a Local Audience

By putting the focus on a local audience from the very beginning, your business has the chance to gain ground online where it matters most. Not every business can be an overnight sensation, so it’s important to focus on the areas that will help your business gain more traction and see more profits. Also, it’s much easier to push your business to a larger audience when you have a local community that supports and advocates for your business online.

Traditional agencies are known for their work with national and global brands, which is impressive. But because they’re used to the big stage, it’s sometimes harder for them to find the smaller niches and local markets where new or small businesses can really take off. While there are people at these traditional agencies who are capable of creating effective local search strategies, the agency might not be willing to go all-in with digital marketing for a small audience.

Full-service digital marketing agencies are often the opposite. Because many digital marketing agencies start at the local level, it’s easy for them to understand the importance of finding a local niche and marketing to it. Services such as local listings, PPC, and SEO are also big with digital marketing agencies, which means they have a better chance to effectively target local audiences.

Digital marketing agencies like ours are beginning to pop up more and will continue to grow as the industry sees more demand. Understanding the advantages that a full-service digital marketing agency possesses can make the decision to work with one simpler. If you’re looking to restructure a current digital marketing plan or get started with a new plan, contact us today.

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