Why Blogging Is a Good Content Strategy for Your Business

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Should you have a blog for your business? If your digital marketing goals are to boost your brand’s visibility online, outperform competitors in SERPs, and demonstrate your authority to potential customers, a blog can help you achieve these goals. Here are eight reasons why blogging is ideal for your business’ content marketing strategy.

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Boost Brand Awareness

A business blog can help you target potential customers online by creating regular content that leads to brand recognition and customer retention. Especially if your products or services aren’t things customers need every day, a blog is a great way to get in front of them during the awareness phase of the sales funnel—before they actually need what you offer, that is. Whether you’re highlighting your authority within your industry or using brand storytelling tactics, you can keep your brand top of mind by frequently exposing customers to your name, values, and content.

Demonstrate Thought Leadership

One of the top benefits of blogging for business is that you can show off expertise. Brands that create content demonstrating their topical authority are often viewed as more credible and trustworthy within their industries—and they can even see better performance in Google search results. When creating thought leadership blog content, focus on topics relevant to the products or services you offer to convince customers that you have the know-how to help them.

Create Good PR Opportunities

Your company blog is the perfect place to share important announcements and highlight recent awards or achievements. Instead of sending out press releases with company news, you can have your business blog be the original PR source, which can drive more traffic to your website. Also, you can use your blog content for recruiting purposes. Prospective job candidates trying to understand your company culture can look at posts you’ve created about your business practices and brand values to get a better idea of why you’re a good company to work for.

Increase Lead Generation

B2B blogging can increase leads by 67%, which makes it a cost-effective digital marketing strategy for generating more business. Through your company blog, you can use content to keep potential customers engaged during the researching stage of the sales funnel. And with the right content marketing tactics, you can even give them a push further down the funnel. Try including effective CTAs in blog posts to lead website visitors to conversion pages where they can action. You could also try creating blog posts with case studies to showcase your past successes, which can help build trust with customers online and potentially lead to more sales.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

With improved SEO, you can drive more long-term website traffic. In fact, websites that have a blog can see 55% more site visitors. Instead of trying to create “viral” content, your business can benefit from compounding blog posts, which slowly bring in more traffic over time. This also means your blog can convert customers without additional spending or ad promotion.

Add Indexable Content

For your website to be considered active and valuable for online searchers, you need to add fresh, high-quality content on a regular basis. This is where a business blog can come in handy. Adding blog posts daily, weekly, or monthly gives Google new website content to crawl and index, which can lead to better visibility for your business in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Target Valuable Keywords

With long-form content on your blog, you can execute search engine optimization tactics like keyword research and implementation. Targeting valuable keywords can help you appear in SERPs relevant to your business’ products or services, which can also lead more potential customers to your website. When blogging, be sure to include a mix of keyword types—such as long-tail keywords and user intent phrases—to better target your audience’s interests.

Build More Backlinks

A blog can help you build a quality backlink profile for your website, which is a positive SEO signal that helps search engines understand the value of your online content. The three types of blog posts that earn the most backlinks are how-to guides, stories backed by original data, and thought leadership content. These blog post types are ideal for increasing the backlinks pointing to your website because they’re more likely to be linked and cited by other reputable websites.

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